Graduates 2021 – 2022

Health Sciences and Pharmacy Online Masters graduation list and research topics

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SurnameFirstnameQualificationDate of GraduationResearch TopicResearch Supervisor
ChikeyaGraceMaster of Pharmacy (Pharmacoeconomics)15 May 2021Annual costs incurred on managing adverse drug reactions attributable to fixed dose combination Highly Active Anti-Retroviral Therapy (HAART) in outpatient ARV clinics in Gauteng. See
Chikeya, G., Oosthuizen, F., & Bangalee, V. (2021). Annual Costs Incurred in Managing Adverse Drug Reactions Attributable to Fixed-Dose Combination Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy in an Outpatient Antiretroviral Clinic in Gauteng: A Budget Impact Analysis. Value in Health Regional Issues, 25, 142-149.
Bangalee, V
BallaramSholeneMaster of Pharmacy (Pharmacy Practice)15 May 2021An evaluation of knowledge, attitude and behaviour amongst patients regarding antibiotic use and misuse in South AfricaSuleman, F
MalebogoMaster of Health Sciences (Pharmacovigilance)15 May 2021Awareness, attitudes and experiences of patients taking antiretrovirals towards adverse drug reactions at a public health facility in KwaZulu-NatalOjewole, E
JacobValenciaMaster of Pharmacy (Pharmacy Practice)15 May 2021Antimicrobial prescribing in the surgical and medical wards at a private hospital in KwaZulu-Natal See also
Jacob, V., & Mahomed, S. (2021). Antimicrobial prescribing in the surgical and medical wards at a private hospital in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, 2019. South African Medical Journal, 111(6), 582-586. doi:10.7196/SAMJ.2021.v111i6.15403
Mahomed, S
SinghReeyaMaster of Health Sciences (Pharmacovigilance)18 Nov 2021A comparison of the safety and cost profiles of Tyrosine kinase inhibitors used in the treatment of chronic myeloid leukemiaBangalee, V & Oosthuizen, F
SotoAnatéricaMaster of Health Sciences (Antibiotic Stewardship)18 Nov 2021Environmental-structural, relational and individual factors influencing HIVpositive female patients’ adherence to HIV Antiretroviral Treatment at Polana Caniço General Hospital, Maputo, MozambiqueSolomon, VP
BojuwojeAdetola OlaniyiMaster of Pharmacy (Pharmacy Practice)18 Nov 2021Polypharmacy and the occurrence of potential drug-drug interactions among geriatric patients at the outpatient pharmacy department of a regional hospital in Durban, South Africa. See
Bojuwoye, A.O., Suleman, F. & Perumal-Pillay, V.A. Polypharmacy and the occurrence of potential drug–drug interactions among geriatric patients at the outpatient pharmacy department of a regional hospital in Durban, South Africa. J of Pharm Policy and Pract 15, 1 (2022).
Perumal-Pilay, VA & Suleman, F
ChimhiniKudzanaiMaster of Pharmacy (Pharmacoeconomics)18 Nov 2021A comparison of the cost of negative pressure wound therapy and conventional moist wound therapy for treating diabetic foot ulcers in Rustenburg, South AfricaSuleman, F & Mcgee, SM
MantangaNontuthuzeloMaster of Pharmacy (Pharmaeconomics)18 Nov 2021Prevalence, the costs and treatment patterns of haemophilia at the Nelson Mandela Academic Hospital, Mthatha, South AfricaMathibe, LJ
NakambaleHilma NambiliMaster of Pharmacy (Pharmacoeconomics)18 Nov 2021Global outsourcing and local tendering supply chain systems in the public healthcare sector: A cost-comparison analysis, Namibia. See
Nakambale, H. N., & Bangalee, V. (2022). Global Outsourcing and Local Tendering Supply Chain Systems in the Public Healthcare Sector: A Cost Comparison Analysis, Namibia. Value in Health Regional Issues, 30, 1-8.
Bangalee, V
PadayacheePriyandaMaster of Pharmacy (Pharmacoeconomics)18 Nov 2021Pharmacoeconomic analysis of primary prophylaxis versus episodic treatment, for individuals with severe Haemophilia A in South AfricaBangalee, V & Padayachee, N
ShambiraGarikaiMaster of Pharmacy (Pharmacoeconomics)18 Nov 2021Retail pharmacy prescription medicines availability, prices, and affordability in Eswatini. See
Shambira, Garikai, & Suleman, Fatima. (2021). Retail pharmacy prescription medicines' availability, prices and affordability in Eswatini. African Journal of Primary Health Care & Family Medicine , 13(1), 1-11.
Suleman, F
Sibisi Nkosinathi Jerry Master of Pharmacy (Pharmacy Practice)18 Nov 2021Challenges to the use of combination Antiretroviral Therapy: A retrospective cohort study at ACTS ClinicGray, AL
DhindayalSherishkaMaster of Pharmacy (Pharmacy Practice)18 May 2022Mental health outcomes, workplace quality of life and acceptability of the COVID-19 vaccine amongst South African Pharmacists during the COVID-19 pandemic: a cross-sectional studyGengiah, TN
DubeDonovan Master of Pharmacy (Pharmacy Practice)18 May 2022Knowledge, practice and attitudes of community Pharmacists on pharmaceutical care in the Kingdom of eSwatiniMathibe, LJ
HaripersadBernitaMaster of Pharmacy (Pharmacoeconomics)18 May 2022Availability of Medical Schemes’ formulary medicines at retail pharmacies in Durban, South AfricaBangalee, V & Padayachee, N
KadwaFahmidaMaster of Pharmacy (Pharmacy Practice)18 May 2022The incorporation of the standard treatment guidelines and essential medicines lists into the pharmacy curriculum at a university in South Africa: Perceptions from students and academicsPerumal-Pillay, VA
ShibabawAlemnew DMaster of Pharmacy (Pharmacy Practice)18 May 2022Inventory management practices: Implications on the pharmaceuticals’ expenditure of rabies vaccine in Namibia Public Health facilities
Shibabaw, A.D., Nakambale, H.N. & Bangalee, V. Inventory management practices: implications on the pharmaceuticals expenditure of rabies vaccine in public health facilities, Namibia. BMC Health Serv Res 23, 823 (2023).
Bangalee, V & Nakambale HN
DorasamiChristopherMaster of Health Sciences (Chronic Disease Rehabilitation)22 Sept 2022Musculoskeletal pain among Optometrists in KwaZulu-Natal: A cross-sectional surveyCobbing, SE & Chetty, L
ChiutsiDouglas NMaster of Pharmacy (Pharmacoeconomics)22 Sept 2022Extending Pharmacist roles in primary healthcare to meet the needs of universal health coverage in Zimbabwe: A Pharmacist perspective and curriculum evaluationPerumal-Pillay, VA & Suleman, F
GordhanAvisha AMaster of Pharmacy (Pharmacoeconomics)22 Sept 2022The current knowledge, attitude, perceptions and practice of pharmacovigilance amongst community Pharmacists in Gauteng, South Africa
Avisha Gordhan, Varsha Bangalee, The current knowledge, attitude, perceptions and practice of pharmacovigilance amongst community pharmacists in Gauteng, South Africa, Journal of Pharmaceutical Health Services Research, Volume 13, Issue 2, June 2022, Pages 73–82,
Bangalee, V


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