Graduates 2019

Health Sciences and Pharmacy Online Masters graduation list and research topics

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SurnameFirstnameQualificationDate of GraduationResearch TopicResearch Supervisor
BakshMohammedMaster of Health Sciences (Pharmacovigilance)4 April 2019An investigation into the knowledge of South African pharmacists on identification and management of drug and drug interactionsOosthuizen, F
GovenderGeneshreeMaster of Health Sciences (Chronic Disease Rehabilitation)4 April 2019Community-based primary healthcare training for physiotherapy in KwaZulu-Natal: Perceptions of physiotherapy academicsChetty, V, Chemane, NCT & Cobbing, SE
MamadeSheiniz Master of Health Sciences (Antibiotic Stewardship & Conservation)4 April 2019Antibiotic prescriptions for outpatients at Maputo Central HospitalSuleman, F & Smabrekke, L
MoodleyKoobeshan Master of Health Sciences (Chronic Disease Rehabilitation)4 April 2019The experiences of caregivers of children living with HIV and HIV-related disability in KwaZulu-NatalMaddocks, S, Chetty, V & Cobbing, SE
Nakooda MohamedMaster of Health Sciences (Chronic Disease Rehabilitation)4 April 2019Perceptions of healthcare workers and relevant stakeholders towards the rehabilitation of children living with HIV in a semi-rural setting in South AfricaMaddocks, S, Chetty, V & Cobbing, SE
Kadare PamelaMaster of Pharmacy (Pharmacy Practice)4 April 2019 Implications of out-of-pocket expenses incurred by breast cancer patients in Harare, ZimbabweMathibe, LJ
PadreePrathnaMaster of Health Sciences (Pharmacovigilance)12 Sept 2019Knowledge, attitudes and practices of public hospital pharmacists towards pharmacovigilance and adverse drug reactions reporting process in eThekwini, KwaZulu-NatalOosthuizen, F &
EB Ojewole
MitamboCollinsMaster of Health Sciences (Antibiotic Stewardship & Conservation)12 Sept 2019Knowledge, attitudes and practices regarding use antibiotics among patients at Mzuzu Central Hospital, MalawiSolomon, VP &
Muula, A
RamasirSerishaMaster of Health Sciences (Pharmacovigilance)12 Sept 2019The incidence of drug induced liver injury and nephrotoxicity in HIV/TB co-infected patients in a regional hospital in the Ugu district of KwaZulu-Natal Oosthuizen, F &
Chetty, S
CassarKerry-LouiseMaster of Pharmacy (Pharmaeconomics)12 Sept 2019A case study: On the impact of international benchmarking on the price of medicines in South Africa using immunosuppressive medicines for transplant recipients for comparisonSuleman, F
CruickshankRozlynMaster of Pharmacy (Pharmaeconomics)12 Sept 2019Direct treatment costs of invasive candidiasis in haematology patients at a South African private hospitalSuleman, F
KuudzadomboAlecMaster of Pharmacy (Pharmacy Practice)12 Sept 2019Management and control of hypertension and associated co-morbidities in an ambulatory care setting - a medicines utilization reviewGray, AL
MchunuNtombiyoxoloMaster of Pharmacy (Pharmaeconomics)12 Sept 2019Consumer knowledge and perceptions on medicines in terms of generics and medicine pricing in Kwambonambi, Northern KwaZulu-NatalSuleman, F &
Perumal-Pillay, V
NaidooKasturieMaster of Pharmacy (Pharmaeconomics)12 Sept 2019Evaluating the impact of single exit pricing (SEP) on medicine product withdrawal from the private health care market in South AfricaSuleman, F
SiyayaThembelihleMaster of Pharmacy (Pharmaeconomics)12 Sept 2019Cost-analysis of Misoprostol and Mifepristone versus Misoprostol and Methotrexate when used for medical termination of pregnancy in women of gestational age of 7 weeks and less at Embhuleni Hospital in Elukwatini, MpumalangaSuleman, F &
Mc Gee, SM
ZwaneNonhleMaster of Pharmacy (Pharmacy Practice)12 Sept 2019The influence of parents/guardians expectations on doctors antibiotics prescribing patterns for children with upper respiratory tract infections in Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu-NatalMathibe, LJ