Graduates 2015 – 2016

Health Sciences and Pharmacy Online Masters graduation list and research topics

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SurnameFirstnameQualificationDate of GraduationResearch TopicResearch Supervisor
HemrajArtiMaster of Pharmacy (Pharmacy Practice)16 April 2015Hemraj, A. (2015). Determining the prevalence and scope of polypharmacy in geriatric patients at a private hospital in Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu-Natal. * (Also available in print format from UKZN library)Prof Suleman
JoosubImraanMaster of Pharmacy (Pharmaco-economics)16 April 2015Cost-minimization analysis of imipenem/cilastatin versus meropenem in moderate to severe infections at a tertiary care hospital in Saudi Arabia*
See also
Joosub, I., Gray, A., Crisostomo, A., & Salam, A. (2015).Cost-minimization analysis of imipenem/cilastatin versus meropenem in moderate to severe infections at a tertiary care hospital in Saudi Arabia. Saudi Pharmaceutical Journal : Spj : the Official Publication of the Saudi Pharmaceutical Society, 23(6) pp. 626-34.**
Mr Gray
DesmondAlicia CatherineMaster of Pharmacy (Pharmacy Practice)16 April 2015Evaluation of adherence measures in infants receiving daily Nevirapine suspension for prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV *
See also
Desmond, A. C., Moodley, D., Conolly, C. A., Castel, S. A., & Coovadia, H. M. (2015). Evaluation of adherence measures of antiretroviral prophylaxis in HIV exposed infants in the first 6 weeks of life. BMC pediatrics , 15(1), 1.**
Prof Moodley
ChettyLevinMaster of Health Sciences16 April 2015The effects of a structured group exercise program on functional fitness of older persons living in old age homes within the eThekwini Municipality, South Africa.*
See also
Chetty, L., Ramklass, S. S. & McKune, A. J. 2019. The effects of a structured group exercise programme on functional fitness of older persons living in old-age homes. Ageing & Society, 39, 1857-1872. **
Dr Ramklass & Prof McKune
ShabanguKholiweMaster of Pharmacy (Pharmaco-economics)16 April 2015Investigating medicines availability for selected non-communicable diseases at Raleigh Fitkin Memorial Hospital, Manzini, Swaziland and the impact on patient out-of- pocket payments *
See also
Shabangu, Kholiwe, & Suleman, Fatima. (2015). Medicines availability at a Swaziland hospital and impact on patients. African Journal of Primary Health Care & Family Medicine , 7(1), 1-6.**
Prof Suleman
Hanslo Dominique MichelleMaster of Pharmacy (Pharmacy Practice) 16 April 2015Evaluation of the use of pictograms for the improvement in patient understanding of medication labels and use
See Also
HANSLO, D., PERUMAL-PILLAY, V. A. & SULEMAN, F. 2019. Evaluating the Use of Pictograms for the Improvement in Patient Understanding of Medication Instruction–A Pilot Study. Global Journal of Health Science, 11, p91.**
Prof Suleman
LinesMoniqueMaster of Pharmacy (Pharmaco-economics) 16 April 2015Accessing antiretroviral treatment in the rural Eastern Cape : patients' perceptions of a decentralised pre-packing model of care and the impact on direct out-of-pocket spending*
See also
LINES, M. & SULEMAN, F. 2017. Patients’ perceptions of a rural decentralised anti-retroviral therapy management and its impact on direct out-of-pocket spending. African health sciences, 17, 746-752.**
Prof Suleman
RedhiDhirendra GyanasivanMaster of Pharmacy (Pharmacy Practice)16 April 2015Redhi, D. G. (2015). Cost saving from the use of generic medicines for the treatment of the most common non-communicable diseases in adults in South Africa*. (Also available in print format from UKZN library)Rev Mathibe
BirbalSumeshniMaster of Health Sciences14 April 2016Adverse drug reactions associated with antiretroviral therapy in South Africa. *
See also
Sumeshni Birbal, Mukesh Dheda, Elizabeth Ojewole & Frasia Oosthuizen (2016) Adverse drug reactions associated with antiretroviral therapy in South Africa, African Journal of AIDS Research, 15:3, 243-248**
Dr F Oosthuizen & Dr EB Ojewole
BassonMarnaMaster of Pharmacy (Pharmacy Practice)14 April 2016 A retrospective comparison of broad spectrum and pathogen-directed antimicrobial treatment of acute respiratory distress syndrome in HIV/ AIDS patientsProfessor CA Varga
MarumeAmosMaster of Pharmacy (Pharmaco-economics) 14 April 2016A price and availability survey of essential medicines in Harare Province, Zimbabwe.* See also
Marume, A., Nyandoro, G., Mutingwende,I.,Murambinda, P., & Bangalee, V. (2017). Price and availability survey of essential medicines in the Harare province, Zimbabwe. Cent Afr J Med 2017;63(7/9):80-87
Mrs V Bangalee
NkosiMakhipha JohannesMaster of Pharmacy (Pharmaco-economics) 14 April 2016Pharmacoeconomic implications of interchangeable use of oral nsaid for pain management at a district hospital. *Rev L J Mathibe
Rahimat AlliShirazMaster of Pharmacy (Pharmaco-economics)14 April 2016The impact of patient co-payment on the reported adherence to prescription medication. See also PERUMAL-PILLAY, V., SHIRAZ, A. & SULEMAN, F. 2018. The perceptions of patient copayment on the reported adherence to prescription medication. Global J Health Sci, 10, 105-12.**Mrs VA Perumal-Pillay & Prof F Suleman
SamjowanJarishaMaster of Pharmacy (Pharmacy Practice)14 April 2016Analysis of the impact of automating stock management and dispensing task in a private hospital pharmacy on cost and spaceProf F Suleman
SelaganNirvanaMaster of Pharmacy (Pharmacy Practice)14 April 2016Evaluating the administration of medication in a private healthcare facility: Identifying the most common medication administration error and its effect on patient safetyDr EB Ojewole & Prof F Suleman
SmithChanelleMaster of Pharmacy (Pharmacy Practice)14 April 2016Adherence to ARV in a rural paediatric cohort. Smith C, Gengiah TN, Yende-Zuma N, Upfold M, Naidoo K. Assessing Adherence to Antiretroviral Therapy in a Rural Paediatric Cohort in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. AIDS Behav. 2016;20(11):2729–2738. doi:10.1007/s10461-016-1419-5Dr TN Gengiah
TlhakudiPride TalenteMaster of Pharmacy (Pharmaco-economics)14 April 2016The extent and cost implications of myocardial revascularization as a treatment option for stable Angina patients in private health care setting in South AfricaRev L J Mathibe
UpfoldMicheleMaster of Pharmacy (Pharmacy Practice)14 April 2016Measurement of vaginal microbicide adherence using visual inspection as compared to ultra violet light assessment of returned empty gel applicators. * See also Upfold, M., Grobler, A., Suleman, F., & Mansoor, L. E. (2016). Measurement of Vaginal Microbicide Adherence Using Visual Inspection as Compared to Ultra Violet Light Assessment of Returned Empty Gel Applicators. AIDS and Behavior . Dr LE Mansoor & Prof F Suleman

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