Graduates 2013 – 2014

Health Sciences and Pharmacy Online Masters graduation list and research topics

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SurnameFirstnameQualificationDate of GraduationResearch topicResearch Supervisor
CobbingSaul Edward Master of Health Sciences 18 April 2013Physiotherapy rehabilitation in the context of HIV and disability in KwaZulu-Natal*
See also
Cobbing, S., Hanass-Hancock, J., & Deane, M. (2014). Physiotherapy rehabilitation in the context of HIV and disability in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. Disability and rehabilitation, 36 (20), pp. 1687-1694.
Mrs Hanass-Hancock & Mrs Rhode
ChunnilallDipikaMaster of Pharmacy (Pharmacy Practice)10 April 2014Chunnilall, D. (2014). An evaluation of antibiotic prescribing patterns in a private hospital in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. (available in print format at UKZN library)
See also
Dipika Chunnilall, Abdool Peer, Indirani Naidoo, Sabiha Essack (2015). An evaluation of antibiotic prescribing patterns in adult intensive care units in a private hospital in KwaZulu-Natal. Southern African Journal of Infectious Diseases, 30 (1) 17-22, DOI: 10.1080/23120053.2015.1103956 **
Prof Essack
Bangalee VarshaMaster of Pharmacy (Pharmaco-economics) 10 April 2014An investigation into the relationship between the number of available generics within a therapeutic class and prices of medicines in South Africa*
See also
Bangalee, V (2015). South African patient’s acceptance of generic drugs. African Health Sciences 15(1) pp 281-282.** and Bangalee, V and Suleman, F (2016). Has the increase in the availability of generic drugs lowered the price of cardiovascular drugs in South Africa? Health SA Gesondheid 21 pp. 60–66.**
Prof Suleman
Kriel Yolandie Master of Health Sciences 10 April 2014Access to healthcare : investigating the barriers to accessing antiretroviral treatment at a public sector antiretroviral clinic in Durban, South Africa.
See also
Kriel, Y. (2013). Access to Healthcare: Investigating the Barriers to Accessing Antiretroviral Treatment at a Public Sector Antiretroviral Clinic in Durban, South Africa.
Dr De La Porte & Dr Magula
MhlangaBrenda Sphiwe Master of Pharmacy (Pharmaco-economics)10 April 2014Mhlanga, B. S. (2013). Prices, availability and affordability of essential medicines for chronic diseases in Manzini, Swaziland (available in print format at UKZN library).
See also
Mhlanga, Brenda S., & Suleman, Fatima. (2014). Price, availability and affordability of medicines. African Journal of Primary Health Care & Family Medicine, 6(1), pp1-6.**
Prof Suleman

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