Ms Velisha Perumal

Velisha Ann Perumal-Pillay


 Dr Velisha Ann Perumal-Pillay








  Senior Lecturer

Research Interests

Pharmacy practice: pharmaceutical Policy Analysis; pharmaceutics: dosage form design and evaluation

 Biosketch Dr Velisha Ann Perumal-Pillay joined the Discipline of Pharmaceutical Sciences in January 2012 as a lecturer in Pharmacy Practice. She holds the following qualifications from UKZN:  Bachelor of Science (Honours); Bachelor of Pharmacy and Master of Medical Science (Pharmaceutical Sciences). Her Masters degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences was awarded with distinction and focused on the formulation and evaluation of multipolymeric monolayered mucoadhesive films for buccal delivery; a novel drug delivery system. She is currently credentialing to PhD in Pharmacy Practice. Her research areas are Pharmaceutical policy analysis and access to medicines with a focus on essential medicines for mothers and children. She has been awarded the Medical Education Partnership Initiative REMETH bursary and is a Medical Research Council National Health Scholarship Programme PhD Scholarship holder for the duration of her PhD research. She is a registered pharmacist with the South African Pharmacy Council and is a member of the following local professional bodies: Pharmaceutical Society of South Africa, The South African Association of Hospital and Institutional Pharmacists and Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences of South Africa. ResearchGate Profile

List of Publications

  1. VA Perumal, D Lutchman, I Mackraj, T Govender, Formulation of Monolayered Films with Drug and Polymers of Opposing Solubilities, International Journal of Pharmaceutics, 358(2008), 184-191. (Received the Adcock Ingram Best Publication Award in Pharmaceutics from the Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences of South Africa, 2009)
  2. VA Perumal, D Lutchman, I Mackraj and T Govender, Investigating a new approach to film casting for enhanced drug content uniformity in polymeric films, Drug Development and Industrial Pharmacy, 2008, 34, 1036-1047.