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Dr Lyn Middleton



Dr Lyn Middleton



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Research Interests

 Human resources for health; mental health; programme evaluation


Honorary Lecturer 

 Biosketch Lyn Middleton is Regional Nurse Advisor for ICAP at Columbia University’s multi-country Nursing Education Partnership Initiative  (NEPI).  She has served in ICAP since 2012 where, through the PEFAR-funded and HRSA-managed NEPI, she plays a leading role in ICAP’s sub-Saharan Africa efforts to strengthen pre-service nursing and midwifery education for improved health systems.  Lyn has authored and co-authored journal articles, books and training materials in the areas of nursing education, and, mental health and policy. Lyn is a member of the World Health Organization’s Technical Working Group on Health Workforce Education Assessment Tools. She participated as a member of the WHO Core Guidelines Development Group to the development of the guidelines for the transformative scale-up of health professional education. Lyn worked previously at the University of KwaZulu-Natal, School of Nursing and Public Health, South Africa, where she taught, mentored and supervised students from across the African continent. She has a PhD in Nursing, holds an honorary position in the School of Health Sciences (Discipline of Pharmaceutical Sciences) at the University of KwaZulu-Natal, and is a member of the Association of Nurses in Aids Care and the International Nursing Honors Society, Sigma Theta Tau.

List of Publications

Middleton, L.,  Howard, A., Dohrn, J., Von Zinkernagel, D., Aranda-Naranjo, B., Hall, C., Malata, A., Byumbwe, T.,           Chabela, A., Molise, N., El-Sadr, W. (2014) The Nursing Education Partnership Initiative

(NEPI): innovations in nursing and midwifery. Academic Medicine, Vol. 89, No. 8 / August Supplement 2014.

Tokpah, M.M., Middleton, L. (2013) Psychiatric nurses’ understanding of the spiritual dimension of holistic psychiatric nursing practice in South Africa: a phenomenological study. Africa Journal of Nursing and Midwifery.  15 (1), 81-94. http://reference.sabinet.co.za/document/EJC136701

Jack-Ide, I.O., Uys, LR., Middleton, L. (2013) Mental health care policy environment in rivers state: experiences of      mental health nurses providing mental health care services in neuro-psychiatric hospital, Port Harcourt, Nigeria.             International Journal of Mental Health Systems, 7(1):8. doi:10.1186/1752-4458-7-8

Holland, K.E., Middleton, L., & Uys, L. (2013) Professional Confidence: Conceptions held by novice occupational            therapists in South Africa. Occupational Therapy International, 20, 105-113

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