Graduates 2023

Health Sciences and Pharmacy Online Masters graduation list and research topics

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SurnameFirstnameQualificationDate of GraduationResearch TopicResearch Supervisor
GaniwallaShaheed ImtiazMaster of Pharmacy (Pharmacoeconomics)8 May 2023The effect of consignment on the price of pharmaceuticals and liquidity in a private hospital in Mombasa, KenyaBangalee, V
RkhotsoMuhluri AlvinahMaster of Pharmacy (Pharmacoeconomics)8 May 2023Drug utilisation review of paracetamol and tramadol in the management of pain in accordance with the South African standard treatment guidelines at a hospital level in Limpopo, South AfricaBangalee, V & Suleman, F
IraTasmiyaMaster of Pharmacy (Pharmacovigilance)12 September 2023Determinants of adverse drug reactions due to Tuberculosis therapy in African countries: A systematic scoping reviewOjewole, EB
MabizelaSibusisoMaster of Pharmacy (Pharmacoeconomics)12 September 2023Evaluation of pharmaceutical inventory management challenges at public health facilities in King Cethshwayo District: A retrospective studyBangalee, V & Nakambale HN
MasanaEdnahMaster of Pharmacy (Pharmacoeconomics)12 September 2023Evaluating the prescribing pattern of medication at a public sector hospital in terms of the Standard Treatment Guidelines and the resultant cost and budgets implicationsSuleman, F
BachoolallRivanaMaster of Pharmacy (Pharmacoeconomics)06 May 2024Community pharmacist's perceptions and experiences of medicine shortages in disruptive situations in Durban, South AfricaSuleman, F
EbrahimNabeelaMaster of Pharmacy (Pharmacoeconomics)06 May 2024Attitude and Practices about the Coronavirus Disease and its impact on the mental well-being on University students. A cross-sectional study amongst pharmacy students in the University of KwaZulu-NatalBangalee, V

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