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Health Sciences and Pharmacy Online Masters graduation list and research topics

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SurnameFirstnameQualificationDate of GraduationResearch TopicResearch Supervisor
Langa EstalevaCalvina ErnestoMaster of Health Sciences (Antibiotic Stewardship & Conservation)07 April 2017Extended spectrum ß-Lactamase and plasmid mediated AmpC resistance in clinical isolates of Escherichia coli from the Central Hospital of Maputo, MozambiqueZimba, T.F.; Sundsfjord, A.S. & Essack, S.Y.
ReddyPrishaniMaster of Health Sciences (Chronic Disease Rehabilitation)07 April 2017Physiotherapists knowledge, attitude, perception and practice of the International Classification of Function, Disability and Health (ICFDH) in Gert Sibande District, Mpumalanga Province. See Also T. Nadasan, P. Reddy, P. Reddy, Physiotherapists knowledge, attitude, perception and practice of the International classification of function (ICF), disability and health in Gert Sibande district, Mpumalanga Province; South Africa, Annals of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine, Volume 61, Supplement, 2018, Pages e538-e539, ISSN 1877-0657,, T.
MoyoNokuthemba Sibusiso Master of Pharmacy (Pharmacovigilance)07 April 2017Evaluating adverse drug reactions associated with antibiotic use in a public sector hospitalOosthuizen, F.
HutheramKarmishtha Master of Pharmacy (Pharmacovigilance)07 April 2017Investigating patients’ knowledge and use of the patient information leaflet regarding their Warfarin therapyOjewole, E.B.
GoundenSarah-Jane Master of Pharmacy (Pharmacovigilance)07 April 2017Safety profile of anti-retroviral medicine in South Africa based on reported adverse drug reactionsOosthuizen, F. Ojewole, E.B.
ReddyThereshen Master of Pharmacy (Pharmaco-economics)07 April 2017An exploratory study into the impact of Schedule Zero exemption from the Single Exit Price policy and the use of these medicines in South Africa. See also PERUMAL-PILLAY, V. A., REDDY, T. & SULEMAN, F. 2019. An Exploratory Study Into the Use and Pricing of Schedule Zero Medicines Post Exemption From the Single Exit Price Policy in South Africa. Global Journal of Health Science, 11.Suleman, F. & Perumal-Pillay, V.A.
Van Der Walt Kenneth TrevinMaster of Pharmacy (Pharmacy Practice)07 April 2017Clinical pharmacy services in a South African private hospital group, and the factors hindering their progressGray, A.L.
SinghShanay Master of Pharmacy (Pharmacy Practice)07 April 2017Antimicrobial resistance and antibiotic stewardship: Knowledge, attitudes and perceptions amongst final-year undergraduate health professional students in a South African UniversityEssack, S.Y.
MoustafaImanMaster of Health Sciences07 April 2017Efficacy and safety of Aprepitant in combination with Dexamethasone, Granisetron and Metoclopramide (DGM) as a prophylaxis of CINV in high emetogenic chemotherapy and safety of Aprepitant in combination with Dexamethasone, Granisetron and Metoclopramide (DGM) as a prophylaxis of CINV in high emetogenic chemotherapy. See also MOUSTAFA, I., OOSTHUIZEN, F. & BADAWY, M. E. 2017. Efficacy and Safety of Aprepitant in Combination with Dexamethasone, Granisetron and Metoclopramide as a Prophylaxis of Chemotherapy-Induced Nausea and Vomiting in a Acute and Delayed Emesis in Arab Cancer Patient. Cancer Medicine & Anti Cancer Drugs, 2, 7.Oosthuizen, F.
GovenderSeshnee Master of Pharmacy (Pharmacy Practice)07 April 2017Antibiotic prophylaxis in a primary level hospital: A medicines use evaluation to assess compliance in caesarean sections *Gray, A.L.
MthombeniTiyani ComfortMaster of Pharmacy (Pharmacy Practice)07 April 2017Knowledge, attitudes and practices about Hepatitis B infection and vaccination among healthcare workers in Nkhensani Hospital in Mopani District, Limpopo Province of South AfricaSuleman, F.
SeorathanSamanthaMaster of Pharmacy (Pharmacy Practice07 April 2017Psychiatric patients’ perceptions concerning medication adherence: Perceived barriers and support from hospital PharmacistsSuleman, F.
HendrikDe JagerMaster of Pharmacy (Pharmaco-economics)07 April 2017The impact of the introduction of generics and generic references pricing and candesartan and rosuvastatin utilisation, price and expenditure in South AfricaSuleman, F
MafundikwaTafadzwaMaster of Pharmacy (Pharmacy Practice20 April 2018Knowledge, attitudes and practices of community pharmacists in Harare regarding the reporting of adverse drug reactionsGray, A
CaraAbdulMaster of Pharmacy (Pharmaco-economics)20 April 2018Development of a pharmacoeconomic model to compare the cost-effectiveness of low versus high dose colistin in the treatment of nosocomial pneumonia caused by Multi-Drug Resistant (MDR) Gram negative bacteria in Saudi Arabia See also
Cost-effectiveness analysis of low versus high dose colistin in the treatment of multi-drug resistant pneumonia in Saudi Arabia
Suleman, F. & T Zaidi
ChirindaLibert Master of Health Sciences (Pharmacovigilance)20 April 2018Health care practitioners’ knowledge and perceptions of pharmacovigilance and barriers to reporting adverse drug reactions (ADRs) in ZimbabweOosthuizen, F
Dambamupfe VictoriaMaster of Health Sciences (Chronic Disease Rehabilitation)20 April 2018The level of knowledge and perceptions about the role of exercise in the management of type two diabetes mellitus among adult patients in Harare, ZimbabweChetty, V & Lawler, ST
HamisiTadalaMaster of Health Sciences (Antibiotic Stewardship & Conservation)20 April 2018Evaluating medicine supply to Kamuzu central hospital in Lilongwe, Malawi, to assess continuity of supply medicinesSuleman, F; Smabrekke, L & Khuluza, F
MatamboErnest Master of Health Sciences (Antibiotic Stewardship & Conservation)20 April 2018Antibiotic prescribing in treatment of non-severe paediatric community acquired pneumonia at Limbe Health Centre, BlantyreSmabrekke, L; Solomon, V & Dzinjalamala, F
GovenderKumerenMaster of Health Sciences 13 Sept 2018 Clinical risk factors for in-hospital mortality in older adults with HIV infection: Findings from a South African hospital administrative dataset.
See also
Govender, K., Suleman, F., & Moodley, Y. (2017). Clinical risk factors for in-hospital mortality in older adults with HIV infection: findings from a South African hospital administrative dataset. The Pan African medical journal, 26, 126.
Suleman, F & Moodley, Y
BardayZeenatMaster of Pharmacy (Pharmacoeconomics)13 Sept 2018The cost effectiveness of pharmacotherapy and associated costs to schizophrenia: A health insurer’s perspectiveOosthuizen, F & Suleman, F
SambakunsiCeciliaMaster of Health Sciences (Antibiotic Stewardship & Conservation)13 Sept 2018Knowledge, attitudes and practices related to self-medication with antimicrobial agents among rural and urban communities in Malawi See also
Sambakusi, C. S. (2019). Knowledge, attitudes and practices related to self-medication with antimicrobials in Lilongwe, Malawi. Malawi Medical Journal, 31(4), 225-232.

Mponda, J, Solomon, V & Smabrekke, L
SinghIsharaMaster of Pharmacy (Pharmacy Practice)13 Sept 2018A restrospective review of benzodiazepine use: A case study from a chronic dispensing unitOosthuizen, F
MaharajBhavnaMaster of Pharmacy (Pharmacy Practice2018Early experiences with Isoniazid Preventive Therapy roll-out in an ART programme: a Pharmacist’s perspective See also
Implementing isoniazid preventive therapy in a tuberculosis treatment-experienced cohort on ART
Gengiah, T
ZwaneSifundoMaster of Pharmacy (Pharmaco-economics)20 April 2018A comparative cost analysis of antibiotic treatment for community acquired pneumonia (CAP) in adult inpatients at Piggs Peak government hospital in Swaziland. See
Zwane, S. P., McGee, S.-A. M., & Suleman, F. (2018). A Comparative Cost Analysis of Antibiotic Treatment for Community Acquired Pneumonia (CAP) in Adult Inpatients at Piggs Peak Government Hospital in Swaziland. Frontiers in Public Health, 6(303).
McGee, S & Suleman,F

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